30 Weeks / Summer Break Begins

So.  The school year has ended and I’m 7 days into my summer vacation.  So far I’ve accomplished zero on my list of “THINGS TO DO THIS SUMMER FOR ME”

But this I have done:

  1. Attended a teacher workshop for 3 CLU’s in Infinite Campus training……(School/Wk related.
  2. Gotten Savannah into Swimming lessons for FREE!!  Yay!
  3. Assembled all my SEWING/ crafting supplies in various bags by designated craft and stored away for until i can get to working on them which seems like never b/c other things keep popping up (like this blog) that seem more important.
  4. Successfully planned and had a 2nd Birthday party for Savannah Grace Biggers the QUEEN of my heart.   (Thanks Rhiannon)

{insert slideshow here}

30 WK Update

So i’m just about 30 weeks along now and I feel pretty good no major complaints here.  I had to get on IRON pills due to low blood levels which explained my tiredness.  I still have that by noon but having a 2 year old is a major contributing factor.   I’m experiencing lots of  low back pain and soreness when flipping over in bed at night, getting up in the AM,  and bending over constantly to care for Savannah.   Its getting increasingly more difficult to handle her while pregnant as I am unable to carry her or pick her up from the floor.   We started 1hr swimming lessons on MON but by the end of it I feel like my back is about to split open.  Lea volunteered to go in with her today since its her day off.    This week has been particularly difficult since JB isn’t home to help out like usual at night with the night time bath and bed routine and basically giving her attention so I can get things done.   We both miss him this week.  ESP Savannah who keeps asking for him constantly even at 3am.  She refuses to go back to sleep b/c its usually daddy who soothes her back to sleep.  Mostly we take turns but he usually is more successful with that.


  1. Get Budget in order.
  2. DEEP CLEAN HOUSE—so i just have to do light cleaning as needed on a predictable schedule (MWF when Savannah will be at Daycare)
  3. Get kitchen table back in dining room functional so I can sew.
  4. Sew every MWF:
    1. Rethread my serger………long story.!
    2. Finish Fuscia Hospital Gown
    3. Begin Floral Hospital Gown
    4. Insert Brown Ribbon into Savannah’s Pillowcase Dress
    5. Insert Brown Ribbon into Saegyn’s Pillowcase Dress
    6. Sew Diaper/Burp Cloth using PINK UGA fabric
    7. Sew baby washcloths using Terrycloth/Flannel.  (8×8 serged around the perimeter easy peasy using only a serger.
    8. Sew a few bibs using the free pattern I found online.
    9. Sew a swaddler with the free pattern I found online.
    10. Sew a diaper shirt or two using random flannel fabric i have hanging around.   using a free pattern i found online :)
    11. Keep House picked up and reasonably “clean”.   My definition and no one else’s
    12. FIND A HOME FOR ANNIE!  Can’t handle her in the house any longer.
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